The Fury Huntress.

The Fury of Famine Huntress, born Helena Wayne, was the daughter of the Batman and Catwoman of Earth 2. One of the earliest and greatest Wonders of Earth 2, Helena fought as Robin alongside her father. Due to the Apokolips War, she was shuttled to Earth 0. Upon her return to Earth 2, Helena became embroiled in the Second Apokolips War where she was corrupted by DeSaad. Turned into a Fury, the more Helena embraced her role, the more of a monster she became, representing all that was vile and villainous with humanity. As such, Helena became the very thing that she once swore to protect people from: a supervillain. As the second Fury of Famine, the Huntress slaughtered millions.

Biography Edit


The Huntress during her period as a hero.

Upon returning to Earth 2, Helena learned of the survival of her grandfather, Thomas Wayne. Due to her father's death, Helena refused to believe in her grandfather's life, as it effectively neutered her father's mission. As the Second Apokolips War raged on, Helena was captured by DeSaad who effectively converted her into a Fury of Apokolips. Revealing her new form in battle against the Wonders, it shocked Kara the most. Slowly, Helena began to give in to the conversion and become a monster of Apokolips. While Power Girl initially tried to get her to resist, Huntress liked being a Fury and forced herself to remain that way. Engaging in battle with the Elemental Avatars of Earth 2, Helena tried her hardest to kill them, leading the charge and mortally wounding Chthulhu. Continuing to fight the avatars, Huntress slaughtered most of the innocent citizens and destroyed most of the cities found in Russia and parts of Europe. Even after the other Furies had fallen, the Fury of Famine Huntress continued to fight on, but was caught in a debiliating explosion. Temporarily reverting her back into a slightly more human form, Helena urged to her comrades to stop Darkseid, but acknowledged that she would now forever belong to DeSaad.

Helena was later converted back, although all of her sins and villainy had already ruined her world. Sent back to Earth 0, she was captured by Project Cadmus and made a prisoner. She was killed in the onslaught that happened shortly thereafter, but died a hero.

Powers Edit

The Huntress possessed control over the power of flight. She had enhanced durability and strength, while also being able to take on such powerful beings as the Avatars of Earth 2. She was also able to manipulate and control the feelings of famine within peoiple.

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