Hypnotic was a relatively new villain who had, along with Mr. Toxic and Mr. Combustible, invested his money into the Penguin.

Biography Edit

Mayor Hady Scheme Edit


Hypnotic when meeting with the Penguin.

Yearning to make his presence in Gotham City known, Hypnotic would hear of underground political assassinations. While fearing for himself, but seeing the assassinations as an opportunity to make himself a name in Gotham, Mr. Toxic and associates Mr. Combustible and Mr. Toxic would approach leading crime boss Penguin. They would invest their money into the Penguin who would in turn them under his wing. However, after a while, Hypnotic to feel uneasy with their money belonging in the hands of the Penguin. When Batman infiltrated the Iceberg Lounge, Hypnotic learned that Penguin had only taken their money so that with the help of Jill Hampton and Snakeskin he could kill Hypnotic and use his money to get Mayor Hady re-elected. Hypnotic failed to find Snakeskin or Penguin, but with Mr. Toxic and Mr. Combustible, he was able to find Jill Hampton.

However, Hypnotic had found Jill under bad circumstances as she was being interrogated by the Batman. Hypnotic demanded that Batman hand Jill over to him and his comrades, but upon refusal he decided to attack the Batman. Hypnotic tried to hypnotize Batman, but failed to do so due to Batman blocking the radio waves he used for hypnosis. Hypnotic was then informed by Batman that Penguin was going to use explosives to kill the, explosives which would detonate soon, after Mr. Combustible confirmed this, Hypnotic was able to escape the Iceberg Lounge with his allies.

Reduced Status Edit

Despite everything that had happened between him and Cobblepot, Hypnotic would stay in the employ of the Penguin. When Ignatius Ogilvy would take over the crime empire, Hypnotic would be one of his leading lieutenants, leading a robbery when his new boss launched a Man-Bat pandemic on the 900 Block of Gotham City. However, Ogilvy did not remain the crime emperor of Gotham for much longer and the Penguin was soon once again in charge. Finally ending his association with the Penguin, Hypnotic left the criminal world.

Despite quitting, Hypnotic did not stay out of the crime empire for long. Under Lark's threats, Hypnotic returned to the Penguin's employ. He attempted to aid him against Catwoman, but ultimately failed. Following this, Hypnotic was again betrayed by the Penguin and incarcerated. However, Penguin's second betrayal came shortly before the arrival of the Crime Syndicate. Participating in a breakout at Blackgate Penitentiary, Hypnotic joined the side of Bane in the Secret Society's civil war known as Arkham War. After the war, Hypnotic was asked to gather his men by the Penguin to fight Falcone's Mob.

Powers Edit

Hypnotic does not have any real powers of his own. However, his disguise which includes two goggles has power. His goggles uses radio waves to hypnotize people into doing his bidding, however, those that can block the radio waves cannot be hypnotized.