The Imperceptible Man was an up and coming gangster who once served under the employ of Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot and later "Emperor Penguin" Ignatius Ogilvy. One of the main lieutenants of the Penguin's Empire, the Imperceptible Man commanded his own faction under the gang bosses.

Biography Edit

An up and coming supervillain, the Imperceptible Man had the ability to become invisible at any time he desired. This unique ability brought him to serve under the Penguin, known to the public as Oswald Cobblepot. Though Cobblepot would betray him to try and take his money, the Imperceptible Man saw no choice other than to remain in the Penguin's arsenal. Present when Ignatius Ogilvy usurped Cobblepot and became the Emperor Penguin, the Imperceptible Man launched a robery when his new boss put a Man-Bat pandemic on the 900 Block of Gotham City. Much like Mr. Mosaic and Mr. Combustible, the Imperceptible Man was arrested for his involvement with Emperor Penguin. Incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary, the Imperceptible Man joined Bane against Scarecrow in the Arkham War. Surviving the Arkham War, it was not long until the Penguin told him to rally his men for war on Falcone's Mob. Defeated in the ensuing gang war, to ensure he would not be a threat, Falcone had the Imperceptible Man sent to Arkham Asylum - the most difficult prison to escape from. Nonetheless, when the fight between Deacon Joseph Blackfire and the Spectre occured, the Imperceptible Man took it as a chance to try and flee, but was very quickly apprehended by the Batman.

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