The supervillain Inque.

was a supervillain who operated during the Eye War. Used by Brother Eye as a means of destroying Batman and any rebels to Eye's cause by ensuring her loyalty by holding her daughter captive on the moon.

Biography Edit

A hired gun, Inque became a liquidized shapeshifter as a result of mutagenic experiments. Operating as a corporate saboteur, she was an enemy of Neo Gotham police commissioner Barbara Gordon and Batman. Eventually, when the Eye War started, Inque, in hopes to spare her daughter, Deanna Clay, began to work for Brother Eye. Operating out of the Lodge, Inque was in charge of processing but soon found an anomaly in prisoner records. Sending Maxine Gibson through processing, Inque and the Bugs confronted Barbara Gordon and while she began to beat her old enemy to death, Gordon was attacked by the new Batman. Handily defeating the new Batman, Inque began to prepare him for processing.

During Batman's processing, Inque began to degrade Barbara Gordon and keep her captive. After Batman escaped, Inque battled him. During the battle, though, she was contacted by Deanna and was shocked to learn that Brother Eye had her with him on the moon. She then struck a deal with Batman, who offered to rescue Deanna. With this in mind, Inque fled the Lodge as it exploded.

Joining in to fight the Bugs during the Battle of Neo Gotham, Inque aided Batman and helped the GCPD hold up the fort. Eventually, when Batman teleported himself to the moon to fight Brother Eye, Inque joined him as well. Aware that Batman could not destroy Eye, Inque surrounded the AI and used her powers to damage and destroy it. Although doing so saved Deanna, Inque was forced to sacrifice herself as well.

Powers Edit

One of the most dangerous enemies of the Batman, Inque's body was made out of a black liquid which she could shapeshift. Able to alternate between a solid and liquid form, Inque could craft blades out of her hands or become a large hammer. This polymorphing liquid could also gain great momentum, allowing Inque to propel herself at great speeds.

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