Interim Commissioner Major Jack Forbes was the head of Internal Affairs in the GCPD. Due to his work, within two years, Forbes had been promoted from Lieutenant to Major. Although not necessarily corrupt himself, Forbes had no problem alloweing officers to give in to bribery.

Biography Edit

Always untrusting of the Batman, J. Forbes was nonetheless a wonderful police officer. Made lieutenant and placed in charge of Internal Affairs, Forbes remained wary of Batman Incorporated. Due to Commissioner Gordon often communicating with the caped crusader, Forbes suspected him of being a secret member of Incorporated, violating his city council contract. Forbes was also present when the Dollmaker kidnapped Gordon. Confronting Gordon on the Incorporated matter did no good. J. Forbes soon after learned not to probe Gordon on the matter and decided to leave him alone of the matter of Batman, Incorporated.

Upon being promoted to Major, Forbes transferred Jason Bard to take his place. When an incident involving Gordon resulted in the deaths of several officers, Forbes ordered Bard to arrest Gordon. The incident was noted for finally allowing Forbes to take down Gordon, his rival. Meeting with Mayor Hady, Forbes also met Carmine Falcone and managed to get himself placed as the interim police commissioner. He then set the GCPD out to capture Batman and helped Falcone get Catwoman. Later falling for a scheme set up by Bard to capture the Batman, Forbes found himself ousted for association with Falcone. He was then promptly arrested.

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