'Jason Rusch' was one half of the duo that made the single entity superhero known as Firestorm. Whereas his partner, Ronnie Raymond, was the brawn of the group, Jason was the brains.

Biography Edit

The Nuclear Man Edit

The high school newspaper journalist with a promising future, Jason interviewed the school football star, Ronnie Raymond. However, the two were too different and instantly disliked each other. Jason was then given given the God Particle by Martin Stein to use if he was in danger. Upon being confronted Jason on the article he wrote, Ronnie was transformed into a Nuclear Man via the Firestorm Matrix. However, Ronnie also transformed and began to fight Jason, resulting in the two morphing into Fury. After separating, the two fought Dog Team and Hyena Team but failed until they morphed back into Fury and when Ronnie took control of Fury and defeated Helix.

Trinity War Edit

Eventually, Firestorm was recruited into the Justice League due to him helping out with the fight against Orm. Soon after officially joining the League, Firestorm and the new recruits were attacked by Despero. By the time Firestorm became conscious again, the threat was quelled. Not long after, Firestorm got pulled into the Trinity War, where he was asked by Amanda Waller to make Kryptonite. Surprisingly, Jason and Ronnie were able to accomplish the task. When the Crime Syndicate was freed, Deathstrom attacked Firestorm and manipulated the Firestorm Matrix into acting as a prison for the Justice Leagues. Eventually, Jason and Ronnie were freed, allowing the duo to take control of Firestorm once more.

Futures End Edit

Eventually, Jason found his relationship with Ronnie deteriorating, with his best friend preferring to be a womanizer rather than a superhero. During this time, Jason also began working with Dr. Yamazake on building a teleporter. Due to Ronnie's laziness, Jason and he got called too late to Seattle to help the Green Arrow, resulting in the vigilante's death. After blaming Ronnie, Jason was locked Firestorm Matrix for weeks. This resulted in him missing his exams and being considered missing by Dr. Yamazake, eventually, after Jason finally let him out, the two agreed to end Firestorm. Continuing his work with Yamazake, Jason was startled to find the teleporter, quite similar to the JLA teleporter, did not work. He was then confronted and ordered by Superman to fix things with Ronnie.

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