Jill Hampton was the twin sister of investigative journalist Charlotte Rivers. She was involved in a scheme to get Mayor Hady re-elected with the Penguin.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jill and her twin sister Charlotte were seperated from birth as twins, though they would later learn of each other in life. Jill's father, Sebastian Hady, would know of her and due to them being related attempt to ensure if she was in Gotham, nothing bad happen to her. Jill instantly hated Charlotte and had longed to kill her due to their conflicting personalities, Jill becoming melevolent and Charlotte being benign. Jill became involved in espionage in a number of different countries as Jill Chase and became an international criminal.

Mayor Hady Scheme Edit

Jill would then return to Gotham to get her father re-elected as the mayor of Gotham. Jill would end up working with the Penguin to achieve such ends and early on in the scheme she would encounter Charlotte again and the two would instantly be at odds. To proceed with the plan, Jill's lover Snakeskin would injure Charlotte and Jill would dump her into ice, though Jill would be angered at Snakeskin for trying to kill Charlotte without her permission.

Jill would then lure Hypnotic, Mr. Toxic and Mr. Combustible into a room rigged with explosives but would be attacked by the Batman. The Batman would use Jill's past against her, but before he could aprehend her the Hypnotic and his gang would arrive and allow Jill to escape. Jill would activate the explosives and think the villains and Batman dead and would confer this to the Penguin.

However, upon talking to the Penguin he would reveal to her that her plan failed. She would suggest they get Hady re-elected in a different way, but the Penguin would refuse and try to kill her. Hampton would be saved by the Batman who would proceed to give her to the GCPD.

Jill would be told that she would be getting a good lawyer, but upon meeting the lawyer, it would turn out to be Snakeskin. After explaining the reasons for his presence to Jill, Snakeskin would promptly kill her before escaping the penitentiary.