Jim Corrigan was a former GCPD police officer and the host of the Spectre. Working on several supernatural cases in Gotham City and sometimes internationally, Corrigan was known to be an able hero without the help of the Spectre. Nonetheless, due to the presence of the entity within him, he was feared by many, resulting in the Batman having his allies take precautions around him.

Biography Edit

After his fiancee was kidnapped, Corrigan was guided by the Phantom Stranger. Being led to a warehouse, Corrigan and his fiancee were shot and killed. This allowed Corrigan to become the new host of the Spectre, resulting in the entity enacting vengeance on beings through his body. Corrigan then began to enact vengeance, until guided to do justice instead. He then found Bruce Wayne and met him as the Batman as well, to aid him on paranormal cases in Gotham. Corrigan later went to find John Constantine to deliver the Spectre's ultimatum to him. Upon returning to Gotham, Corrigan teamed up with Batwing to stop the Joker's Daughter.

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