John Corben was the government agent and supervillain known as Metallo due to his bonding with the Metal-Zero suit.

Biography Edit

The former lover of Lois Lane, John Corben worked directly under her father, Sam Lane. After they brok
e up, Corben desperately wanted to win her back. Deciding to try and become a superhero like Superman, Corben bonded to the Metal-Zero suit but was quickly hacked by the Collector of Worlds. When he rebelled against the Collector, his heart burst. Corben was later recovered by Sam Lane, with the general ordering his scientists to find a way for resurrection. Eventually this was completed by substituting a shard of Kryptonite in the place of his heart; Corben immediately returned to combat duty. However, his actions resulted in several deaths, forcing Lane to betray Corben and try and kill him. Corben survived and sought out to kill Lane, only to be confronted by Metal 2.0, whom he killed instead. Shortly afterwards, Corben was offered a place in the Secret Society by the Scarecrow. Accepting, he was betrayed by the Crime Syndicate, with Ultraman stealing his Kryptonite heart, deactivating him. Corben's lifeless body was recovered and fitted with another Kryptonite heart after which he was placed under stasis. When Superman transformed into Superdoom, Corben was reactivated and sent after him. In the suicide mission, Corben died, but only after releasing a clout of Aerosol Kryptonite gas into the atmosphere of the Earth.

Corben was once again "saved" as his skull was recovered by a Brainiac possessed Loi, who used him to fight off Wonder Woman. Corben was defeated by the Amazonian and retreated with Lois.

Powers Edit

Due to the extreme strength and durability of his suit, Corben had enough power and strength to withstand blows from Superman himself. This allowed him to have once proved a match for the Man of Steel, being able to have gone toe to toe with an unexperienced Superman.

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