Giovanni John Zatara was one of the greatest and most powerful magicians the world had ever known. During his lifetime, John had fathered Zatanna Zatara and helped train Bruce Wayne.

Biography Edit

John Zatara became one of the most powerful wizards in the world, though one of his most prominent weaknesses was his love for his daughter, Zatanna. Along with Sargon the Sorcerer, Mister E and Tannarak, John helped find the Cult of the Cold Flame, though his allies became corrupted by the magic that emanated from the cult. Zatara spent quite a long time afterwards fighting the Cult, though he found time to help train Bruce Wayne in between. Madame Xanadu then approached John, and he realized she was lost, thinking herself to be bound to melevolence. John ended up sending her on the path of benevolence. When fighting a Great Darkness, John recruited several mages, of them John Constantine. During the fight, though, Zatara exploded, thought to be assassinated, with the blame of his death going on Constantine.

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