Janosz "Johnny" Valentine, also known as Son of Pyg, was a Leviathan agent and an agent of Spyral. The son of Lazlo Valentin, Johnny went insane much like his father. However, he held a higher degree of sanity and was able to carry out the orders of Dr. Dedalus with much more sanity and clarity.

Biography Edit

The son of Lazlo Valentin, Johnny arrived in Gotham City as an agent of Leviathan shortly after his father was arrested for dealings with the Black Glove. Murdering three US Marines, he was followed and attacked by Batwoman. Rescued by a fellow Leviathan agent, Johnny managed to escape. Shortly thereafter he began to hide it out at St. Hadrians, a joint collaboration between Leviathan and Spyral. Taking the mantle, Son of Pyg, Johnny began to experiment with psychadelic drugs with which he could use to convert the girls of St. Hadrians to the cause of Leviathan. However, the operation was shut down by Batman.

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