The whispers say that once you took the rights of women in the Gotham Underground and made them an abomination... tomorrow you might take pity on animals and set fire to a slaughterhouse, with all the beasts inside. Any philosophy, you'll corrupt. You'll stitch together any lie and tale, so long as it means you can kill in the name of something bigger than yourself. From what I've heard... you don't want a father. You want a God.


The "Joker's Daughter" was an insane Supervillain who believed the Joker to be her true father, not biologically but ideologically. Due to this, she followed a crazy set of rules that led her to take over the Gotham Underground, whilst wearing the cut off face-skin of the Joker. Eventually this girl, born with the name Duela, made the Dollmaker sew the face onto her as her new skin.