Jonathan Kent


Smallville, Kansas


Smallville, Kansas, 2001


Martha Kent, Clark Kent





Jonathan Kent was a Smallville farmer who was bred with the greatest morals on Earth.

Biography Edit

Inheriting the Smallville Kent Family Farm, Jonathan ended up marrying his sweetheart, Martha. The two loved each other very much, but just could have a child. When Martha did get pregnant, she miscarried. The two were very sad, until one day an alien boy arrived in a spaceship. Deciding to keep the child for their own, tricking the US Military in the process, Jonathan and Martha named the child Clark. Jonathan made sure to raise Clark as a wonderful human being, even though he was not one, giving him the best morals and ideals on Earth. Even though Clark felt isolateed, Jonathan was always there for him. After helping a strange short man, Jonathan died in a car crash.

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