The Key was a supervillain who was known to have given the entire Justice League trouble.

Biography Edit

Becoming a supervillain, the Key fought the Justice League but was handily defeated. He then later fought the Batman alone, but was defeated and locked in Arkham Asylum. There he was taken by Graves and later subsequently tortured for information. Sent temporarily insane, the Key broke into Arkham and began making his way through the caverns underneath the institute for safety from Graves. Eventually, the Key gained semblance of his normal self and began to live, although he would still participate in criminal acts with his partner Plastique. During this time, Key also legally changed his name to Key. After the Earth 2 War, Key decided to take on his greatest criminal heist after being hired to do so by an unknown figure. Working out the puzzle, Key realized that the figure was hired by none other than Bruce Wayne. With Plastique, he tried to recruit Coil to break into and rob Mr. Terrific at the Terrifitech Tower for the uSphere. Aided by Terry McGinnis, the heist team did manage to get their hands on the uSphere. Before they could escape, they were betrayed by McGinnis and apprehended by T-Tech security and placed in confinement. Confronted by Mr. Terrific, Key and Coil were offered jobs by the genius if they told him who hired them. Very quickly, they gave up Wayne's name.

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