King Faraday was an FBI agent.

Powers Edit

A teleporter, Faraday had the ability to transport himself wherever he pleased. This was a useful skill for him as it allowed him to escape difficult situations or get the element of surprise on an enemy.

End Future Edit

An associate of Frank Rock, the leader of Project Cadmus, Faraday betrayed Ethan Boyer during the Earth 2 War. He also approved of the creation of Fifty Sue, but regretted her life after seing her reckless personality. Getting Slade Wilson in his employ and trying to get his niece Courtney back to his side, Faraday also took an interest in Grifter. Discovering Green Arrow to be on to his illegal experiments on the Wonders of Earth 2, Faraday sent Slade after him. Trying to approach Lois Lane himself, the Masked Superman quickly thwarted him. After forcibly coercing Grifter into his employ and once again failing to convince Courtney, Faraday began to notice glitches in his system.

Realizing he had been compromised, Faraday was inspected Mr. Miracle just as Brother Eye took over. Meeting up with Grifter, Slade, Lana Lang and Fifty Sue, Faraday had his metahumanity revealed. Teleporting to Frank Rock, Faraday later learned of Slade's betray, death and Green Arrow's attack on Cadmus Island. Trying to find a vault of metahuman DNA on the island's rubble, Faraday was shocked to see that it sunk into the ground. To find it, he once again recruited Ethan Boyer, Grifter and Lana to his cause.

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