Charise Carnes was the Supervillain known as Knightfall. She was known for being the archenemy of Batgirl, the former partner of Batman.

Biography Edit

Born into the Carnes Family, Charise idolized her father, William Carnes, despite his illicit dealings. One day, Charise met a boy named Trevor who seemed to care for her despite her riches. However, he was twisted on the inside and killed her whole family one day just for the laughs. with no evidence that Trevor had committed the murders, Charise had herself wrongfully convicted and sentenced to Arkham Asylum due to prison overcrowding. After a small prison riot, Charise was witness to several horrors. Under the tutlege of James Gordon Jr., Charise learned how to become a master serial killer. Using her father's illegal methods, Charise got herself freed from Arkham and created the Disgraced in order to take down crime in Gotham City. It was during this time that Charise became Knightfall.

Wondering whether Batgirl would be willing to join the Disgraced, Knightfall approached her with the offer. After she was rejected, Knightfall defeated and prepared to to kill her, but was dissuaded out of the deed by Detective Melody McKenna. Using Ricky Gutierrez, Knightfall lured Batgirl to try and kill her. She also captured Trevor and began to torture him.

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