Lady Shiva was a deadly assassin who occassionally operated in Gotham City. An enemy of the Batman, she was one of few who was able to get
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the better of him.

Biography Edit

An assassin come to Gotham City, Shiva's target was none other than the Batman. Managing to poison him and cause his vitals to start crashing, Shiva would have killed the Dark Knight if it had not been for the debut of his first sidekick, Robin. The Boy Wonder, although easily beaten by Shiva, did manage to distract her long enough to save the Batman.

Due to her immense talent, Shiva managed to join the League of Assassins. Training alongside Bronze Tiger and Rictus, Shiva ascended to the ranks, seconding Tiger. After Rictus was finished training Jason Todd, it was Shiva's turn. Lady Shiva ended up being the last mentor of the boy, as he abandoned the League shortly after.

Refusing to join Leviathan, Shiva became a contract killer. She returned to Gotham after Oswald Cobblepot hired her to assassinate Sonia Branch, only to be encountered by Nightwing. While the vigilante did manage to stop Shiva from taking out Sonia, he did fail to hold his own against her. After the fight with Nightwing, Shiva realized that he was fighting her while dealing with beforehand injuries. Hence she once again left Gotham.

After the Battle of Gotham City, Shiva once again re-entered the League of Assassins. Aiding them in their fight against the Untitled, Shiva aided Bronze Tiger in bringing Jason back to the League. Later, when the entire ploy with Jason was revealed to be a ruse by Ra's al Ghul, Shiva decided to stay with the League, even though others like Cheshire chose to leave. After Ra's was presumed missing in the Battle of Nishapur, leading the League fell to Shiva's shoulders. Shiva, however, quickly swore fealty to Odysseus and handed off responsibility of the League. Shortly after, Shiva accomponied Odysseus to Gotham City where she tried to kill Rose Wilson, only to be dispatched by Harley Quinn.

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