Lara Lor-Van was a Kryptonian cadet most famous for being the mother of Kal-El.

Biography Edit

A Kryptonian cadet, Lara Lor-Van was engaged to Captain Jax-Ur and was assigned to protecting the Krypton Science Council. Lara was made a fugitve when Colonel Ekar overthrew the Council, ending her relationship with Jax-Ur. Discovering that Jax-Ur was seeking to eliminate Jor-El, Lara left and despite being chased by soldiers, rescued Jor-El. Lara defeated Jax-Ur as General Zod and Jor-El defeated Ekar.

Ultimately Lara ended up wedding Jor-El. However, Lara was subject to great humility when Jor-El's prediction on the end of Krypton proved to be false. Lara ended up giving birth to Kal-El, the child of the two and saving the bottling of Kandor by the Collector of Worlds. Eventually, though, Krypton did end and in an effort to save her child, Lara had Jor-El rocket Kal-El out to Earth. Lara Lor-Van died with the rest of Krypton.

Due to the time of his birth, Kal-El was the last child born on the planet Krypton.

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