The Lazarus Pit was the famed golden pit with the abilities to restore youth and age. While many different Lazarus Pits existed, the original Lazarus Pit was the one that Ra's al Ghul used to grant himself immortality. All Lazarus Pits, however, were different to a degree, but shared a similar factor: the chemical Dionesium. While in the pits the dionesium was corrupted, it nonetheless acted in a fashion similar to that of the diluted version given to Simon Hurt.

The most pure and effective Lazarus Pit was the Well of Sins. Other Lazarus Pits, which existed at mystical nexuses, were also able to resurrect deceased, but only if they stayed submerged for a full day. While these pits were not as pure as the Well of Sins in terms of concentration, they were more pure in their healing capabilities. All pits posed one grave danger, the possibility of the user returning criminally insane.

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