Lois Lane was the intrepid star reporter of the Daily Planet.
Lois Lane 0022

Biography Edit

The daughter of General Sam Lane, Lois grew up in several different military bases. Due to her father's urging, Lois pursued a relationship with John Corben, but it failed. When she grew up she befcame a reporter and investigative journalist at the Daily Planet, becoming renowned at coining the vigilante of Metropolis Superman. Lois immediately fell in love with Superman, though he never reciprocated, and found a worthy rival in Clark Kent.

In Qurac, Lois met Jonathan Carrol, who she ended up in a several year relationship with. Despite this, she could not help but continue to feel for Superman. After the Daily Planet was bought out by Morgan Edge, Lois was made the head of it's media division. Nonetheless, Lois continued to write articles and began to look into the Ascension, which led to the group kidnapping her. Lois proceeded to help Superman defeat the Ascension and the Machine. Lois then began to investigate a group known only as The Twenty, meeting one of it's members, Senator Hume, Lois found his powers transferred to her. Infected by Brainiac, Lois began to slowly be possessed by him. During this possession, she fell into a coma, but managed to regain enough control to learn Clark Kent to be Superman and help stop the Psi War. She fell into a coma again, but once she awoke she was fully possessed by Brainiac. During this time, Lois travelled to Gotham to cover the trial of James Gordon. Under the alien's control, Lois released the Brainiac Infection on Smallville and Metropolis all the while sending Superdoom to space. Eventually growing free of Brainiac's possession, Lois helped transfer his power over to Superman. This helped win the Battle of Earth, but also caused Lois to lose her powers and memories of Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent.

Powers Edit

During her time infected by Brainiac's psionic virus, Lois became an incredibly powerful psionicist. While not nearly on the level of Brainiac or the Martian Manhunter, Lois was strong enough to read people's minds, cause deception and hallucinations.

Earth 2 Edit

On Earth 2, Lois Lane was the wonder known as the Red Tornado.

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