Lord Death Man was an immortal Supervillain who was noted for attempting to take over Japan.

Biography Edit

Due to his unique ability of never dying, Lord Death Man started up his own mafia and began to try and kill all Japanese superheroes. However, he was stopped by the machinations of Batman Incorporated. As he could never die, Lord Death Man was launched into outer space to suffer a fate worse than death. Freed by Leviathan, Death Man tried to kill the Outsiders, but failed. Jettisoning to Earth, Death Man was captured by Ra's al Ghul, who discovered him to have Lazarus Blood. Getting Dr. Darrk to research this, Death man was strapped to a machine where his Lazarus Blood was being siphoned out of him. Eventually having enough, Death Man escaped and murdered several assassins before confronting Calvin Rose. After having a shark thrown at him, Death Man failed to escape.

Powers Edit

Lord Death Man had super-strength, allowing him to do feats that several other villains were unable to do. He also had greatly enhanced intellect. His most notable power was the fact that he was always able to recover from death.

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