Madame Xanadu was a magical immortal being who had lived since the time of Camelot. Often doing the wrong thing for hundreds of years, Xanadu considered John Zatara to have been the man to have had reformed her, something the likes of Jason Blood were unable to do.

Biography Edit

Madame X Edit

In the late 1990s, with the business of the film industry booming, Xanadu took a name reminiscient of her first, Nima. Deciding to become a Hollywood Stage clairvoyent, she also abandoned the name Xanadu, shortening it simply to Madame X. However, using her tarot cards and such, Nima continued to attempt to predict the future, with her psychic talents helping her succeed. Eventually, though, as the 2000s rolled in and Superman debuted, Madame X had retired from the film industry, and began to work as a psychic for a law firm. After zombies began to attack New Orleans, and with her partner Salinger, Nima got involved with the Voodoo Queen. Although she ended the crisis, Nima also learned from her tarot cards in a premonition that she would be responsible in the death of Salinger. After that event occured, Nima realized the world was changing and abandoned the law firm and her new name. After recieving a premonition about the end of the world, Nima once again became Madame Xanadu in an attempt to form Team Dark.

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