Matches Malone was a notorious gangster in Gotham City.

Biography Edit

During a time where Oswald Cobblepot was the emperor of crime and Harvey Dent was the District Attorney, Matches Malone and Stir Fry were on the rise. Two criminals who believed they had it big endep duo becoming the most notorious duo in Gotham City, however, a bust when awry and Matches was left dead.

Legacy Edit

Despite his brief rise and fall, Matches Malone still survived on in Gotham City. Though his prominence had long such faded, his identity continued to be active. The Batman ocassionally assumed the identity of Matches to infiltrate criminal organizations, though he completely reshaped the gangster's image. No longer was Matches a gangster looking to make his way to the top, but rather a gangster who seeked to know when to get out of town.

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