Sebastian Hady was the mayor of Gotham City in the year 2012. Hady was a very notorious man, thoughg he had good intentions for the city.

Biography Edit

When he was young, Hady would have an encounter with a woman and would end up becoming the illegitamite father of two twin girls, Charlotte Rivers and Jill Hampton. Both girls would become successful in their own way and would be backed by Hady. During the Zero Year, Hady tried for the first time to run for mayor. However, he was defeated in the elections by Mayor Dickerson. Hady then married a woman named Gladys.

After Mayor Dickerson was assassinated by the Joker, Hady was given the position, and though he initially accepted with good intentions it did not take long for him to fall victim to corruption. Hady later publicly admitted to cheating on his wife. When the presence of the Batman became more prominent than ever, Hady had him delcared an outlaw, against the wishes of the GCPD, and managed to discredit the hero in the public. In order to get re-elected, Hady would deal corruptly deal with the Penguin, Snakeskin and his daughter Jill. Hady then came under a threat from a Joker, and following remained in the background of Gotham politics. His last major announcement was his public endorsement of Caldwell Technologies and their partnership with the GCPD, which turned out to be a ruse by E.D. Caldwell. Following, the Secret Society took over Gotham and Hady's former business partner, the Penguin, deposed him as mayor. However, after the Arkham War and the return of Batman, Hady resumed his position as mayor. His partnership with the Penguin broken, Hady had Commissioner Forbes refocus efforts on capturing Batman to ignore the Mob destroying Penguin's Empire.