A Mother Box was a device used by the New Gods, primarily those from Apokolips. Parademon soldiers normally tended to have a Mother Box with them. As the Mother Box served several purposes, Parademon soldiers normally tended to use the Box as a suicide bomb if they understood they could not win the battle, hoping to take their enemy with them. However, a Mother Box could also open up a portal between dimensions, allow travel between specific locations of the Multiverse and store life beings as the Seven Deadly Sins. Certain Mother Boxes, as Pandora's Box, looked different from others to signify their limited travel, such as only to and fro Earth 3, or containment of something special. In the case of Pandora's Box, the Mother Box did both. To travel in between dimensions of alternate universes, a Mother Box opened up a Boom Tube.

Mother Boxes were one of the only devices that could harness the power of the Source and could obtain omni-knowledge, letting them understand everything and anything. Mother Boxes were also known to demonstrate powers of telepathy, energy manipulation and energy transference. Mother Boxes only appeared to certain users, to whom they then pledged their loyalty.

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