Mr. Toxic was a relatively unknown villain who had wanted to make his presence felt in Gotham City. However, being a clone of Hugh Marder, Toxic would have to keep Marder alive to accomplish all of his criminal goals.

Biography Edit


Mr. Toxic in the sewers.

A clone of Hugh Marder, Mr. Toxic had no true name. Marder originally used Toxic to perform tests on and use multiphase travel, leading to Toxic using forward time travel. Toxic soon discovered that unlike Marder's other clones he was near perfect and had no chance at decaying, though he did suffer the same disease as Marder did and too was slowly dying. Marder later equipped Toxic with a suit based off toxic gases and radium energy. Toxic used this suit to become a criminal, hoping to become a feared name in Gotham City.

Entrusting some of Marder's money in Oswald "the Penguin" Cobblepot, Toxic met up with fellow "rising criminals" Mr. Combustible, the Imperceptible Man and Hypnotic and served in Cobblepot's thuggery. Eventually Marder learned the Penguin to be conning him through Jill Hampton. After a short fight, the Batman dissuaded Toxic from killing Hampton. Toxic was the only one amongst his allies who refused to return to the employ of the Penguin.

With Hugh Marder's radium issue increasing, the completion of the Wayne Tower Particle Accelerator diverted Toxic's attention. Using decaying clones to distract Batman, Toxic failed to fix Marder's radiation problem and his own disease as the Particle Accelerator was botched. Being forced to use the Accelerator at Dunhill Laboratories, Toxic again miscalculated and was merged into Marder. While the merger did cure Marder of his radium problem, Toxic himself ceased to exist.

Powers Edit

While Mr. Toxic himself did not have any powers, his suit, which covered his face with a tank of seemingly breathable gas, gave him unique abilities. Through his hands he was able to eject large poisonous and deadly gaseous venom. In addition to his gas based powers, Toxic also possessed radiation based powers, with most requiring the use of the chemical element Radium. Due to being a clone of Hugh Marder, Toxic also possesd a great amount of intelligence which gave him a great deal of power when it came to designing weaponry, armour and dealing with enemies.