Nathan Kane


1955, Gotham City


2002, Gotham City (aged 47)


Kane Family, Kathy Kane

Nathan Kane was the heir of Roderick Kane, a member of the prestigious Kane Family, of the First Families of Gotham. Although certainly a corrupt individual, Nathan was nowhere near as buyable as his father or younger brother, Philip. Despite the age gap of fifteen years, Nathan married his love, Katherine Webb, a few years after the death of his sister, Martha. Due to his derelict health, Nathan died at the young age of fourty seven.

Biography Edit

The golden son of the Kane Family, Nathan was always groomed for success and more attention was paid to him than any other member of the family, as it was he who was to take over Kane Chemical. For years Nathan learnt the trades and business, but it was only in his fourties when he would take over, shortly after the death of his father. Upon taking over Kane Chemical, Philip too had returned to Gotham City.

After the death of his beloved sister, Nathan, although taken under less consideration than Philip, was unable to gain custody of his nephew, Bruce. However, he did attempt to seize control of the assets of the Wayne Family and Wayne Enterprises. In the meantime he met Katherine Webb and fell in love with her, the two dated for three years before marrying. In Nathan's extensive attempt to take over Wayne, his health began to rapidly deteriorate and he died from a stroke. Although Nathan did not live to see it, shortly after his death, Philip managed to take over Wayne Enterprises, though not the personal properties of the Wayne Family.

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