The destroyed once great city.

New York City
was a city comprised of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. A relatively important city, New York was also one of the most important and was home to a host of metahuman activity. Initially, the Teen Titans were based out of NYC and STAR Labs was headquartered there. Much like Brainiac had done with New Troy of Metropolis during the Terminaut Invasion, the Brainiac God attempted to collect the borough of Manhattan during Futures End, although these events were later nullified by that same quest. Eventually, during the Eye War, New York City was destroyed by Brother Eye like it was in the End Future, with the artificial intelligence holding Mr. Terrific hostage within the confines of the city. Eventually, at the conclusion of Futures End and a key stage of the Eye War, Brother Eye used an orbital missile to destroy several blocks of NYC in pursuit of Tim Drake. While a majority of the population of New York had been wiped out by the Bugs, there were still pockets of humanity still surviving in the city. NYC would often come into attack by the forces of Neo Gotham.

The areas surrounding New York had become so toxic that it was almost impossible to venture there without protection. Almost all of the city had been rendered inhospitable, although some humans still tried to live in it. This was done on purpose by Brother Eye to make sure that the Gothamites would be unable to venture into the Lodge.

End Future Edit

In the End Future, New York City was the site where Brother Eye took over. History in the End Future and the Eye Future played out much like it did in the normal timeline, but with the addition of the Earth 2 War. In addition, the New York City of the End Future survived the timeline's deletion by being collected by the Brainiac God. It was then taken to Telos where it was forced to be a part of Convergence.

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