The Night of the Owls


Gotham City


The Court of Owls is made public and most of the Talons are imprisoned.




Court of Owls, Batman Family


Court of Owls: Talons Batman Family: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Birds of Prey Other: GCPD, Mr. Freeze


Victor Fries is sent on a rampage to destroy all of the Court. Calvin Rose returns to Gotham.


Zero Year


Battle of Gotham City

The Night of the Owls was a battle that took place in Gotham City between the Batman Family and the Court of Owls. While the Court fought the battle using their assassins, the Talons, the Batman Family acted on the behest of the Gotham City officials who were being targetted by the Court.

Background Edit

The Court of Owls considered themselves to be the rulers of Gotham City until the Batman arrived. Planning for years, in 2012, the Court of Owls finally attacked and kidnapped Batman. Though they tried to kill him in their maze, the Court failed and the Talon was defeated.

Battle Edit

Using a compound made by Mr. Freeze, the Talons "resurrected" several of their Talons and sent them out to kill Gotham City officials. When Batman rebounded and escaped from their lair, he got the Batman Family to fight back against the Court and imprison their Talons.

Aftermath Edit

The battle led to a confrontation between Batman and Lincoln March, who had ended up poisoning and killing several of the Court's Owls. This battle marked the end of the Court's hostilities against the Batman.

Victor Fries went on a rampage and began to systematically hunt down the Court's Talons, getting him into a confrontation with the Birds of Prey.

Calvin Rose, an escaped Talon, believing the Court of Owls to be decimated returned to Gotham City. This led to a series of events that resulted in Calvin returning to work for the Court and opposing the menacing Bane.

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