Oroboro was a treasure sought out by Otto Netz and Talia al Ghul. Made up of advanced meta materials, Oroboro could replace oil and nuclear energy, changing the world. Nations United Kingdom and Argentina both claimed the Oroboro as theirs due to their connection to Netz. The Oroboro linked Argentina, England, Australia, Hong Kong and France to make a ring around the world. The Oroboro metamaterial was a Brunnian Ring hyperstructure that could be applied to molecules to make them exotic kinds of matter, including solid, liquid, gas, plasma or even something new. The ring structure also suggested it to be a perpetually renewable energy source.

Talia al Ghul eventually created Oroboro and made it a Meta-Bomb. One touch on the trigger activated al Ghul's ring of death on seven global cities with a new source of energy, described as a choke-chain around the world. Although the Oroboro trigger was in the hands of the Heretic, it was stolen by agents of Batman Incorporated. As an energy source, Oroboro was unstable and was unable to work as it could not sustain itself.

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