The Outsiders were two different groups of superheroes. Although completely different and with different goals, the two teams both had one commonality, a similar member in Katana. The team created by Batman was a strike team, whereas the team associated with Green Arrow was better described as a clan. Despite this, they both worked to achieve heroic ends.

Strike Team Edit

History Edit

The Outsiders were created by Batman to serve a similar purpose as that of A.R.G.U.S., though the team truthfully moreover resembled the Club of Heroes, albeit a more successful version. Eventually the group became the Batman's precurser to Batman Incorporated. Over the group's history, the fought the likes of Maxie Zeus, Simon Stagg, the Nuclear Family and the People's Heroes.

By the time Batman Incorporated became a reality, the Outsiders were consolidated into the franchise, though Black Lightning and Katana had quit the team by this time. The Outsiders continued to operate as a black ops team against the forces of Leviathan, particpating in the Battle of Gotham City. While the bulk of Batman Incorporated did continue to operate after the battle, the Outsiders were officially disbanded.

Members Edit

Former Edit

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