The Palin Protocol was a designations system that allowed for Bruce Wayne to distribute the Brother Eye AI across world security systems. Although Brother Eye was damaged during the Earth 2 War, it's status was linked to Terrifitech Tower, although only the Palin Protocol could recall it. After Brother Eye went rogue initially, Bruce Wayne developed the Palin Protocol to return Brother Eye to the benevolent nature of it's initial programming. Eventually, Brother Eye became free of Cadmus Island and manually made it's way to Terrifitech, but the time spent at Cadmus allowed it to overpower the Palin Protocol. Once at Terrifitech, the Brainiac God attacked, prompting Bruce to initiate the Palin Protocol. As the name implied, Bruce also believed, mistakenly, that he could use the Palin Protocol to finally control Brother Eye. Shortly after Eye helped defeat the Brainiac God, it disengaged from the Palin Protocol.

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