Philip Kane was the heir of the Kane Family. Much like his father Roderick Kane, Philip was a corrupt individual and by his sister Martha's request, did not gain custody of his nephew Bruce. This also resulted in Philip narrowly avoiding gaining control of all assets of the Wayne Family, including Wayne Manor.

Biography Edit

Philip studied in Mexico to be a geologist, but soon after his father's meeting with Simon Hurt, the patriarch learned of his impending demise and recalled Philip to Gotham City. Initially refusing to return, Philip ended up fighting his own father. There Philip remained and became a businessman, taking care of Kane Chemical after Roderick died. Soon after Philip's sister Martha died and Philip spent some time with his nephew Bruce, though not nearly enough to forge a bond between the two. After Philip's brother Nathan died, Philip was left alone to try and take control Wayne Enterprises for the Kane Family.

Though he managed to take over Enterprises, consolidating it into one company with Kane Chemical, Philip never had the amount of publicity he would if he were a Wayne. Philip was also unable to get important Wayne assets as the manor or the tower. His family's notorious past caused the company, though still successful, to fade away, especially after Philip had Bruce incorrectly declared dead. The company failed to regain a good public image, even though Philip had them making non-lethal arms for the GCPD. These arms were constantly stolen by the Red Hood Gang, however, and Wayne Security was often unable to stop them. To try and stop the gang from taking the most dangerous items, Philip began to trade them the smaller arms. Even this plan failed. In an attempt to reverse his misfortune, Philip hired Edward Nygma to be his main strategist and though they made strides for the business, they could not improve the reputation. Despite this, Philip kept a watch out for his nephew. Upon Bruce's return to Gotham, Philip attempted to get Bruce to reverse the declaration of his death and become the poster boy for Wayne Enterprises. After Philip failed to do so, Nygma suggested Philip get him killed and gain public sympathy. Kane rejected this plan and instead tricked Bruce into revealing himself to the public. When Philip discovered that Edward had nonetheless sicced the Red Hood Gang on Bruce, the enraged businessman attempted to kill his former strategist but failed as Nygma escaped. Being made a member of the Red Hood Gang by Red Hood One, Philip was forced to attack ACE Chemicals. However, he betrayed the Red Hood to save the Batman, resulting in his own death.

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