Hugh Marder was a scientist working at Wayne Enterprises.

Biography Edit

Growing up to run Mecha-North Corp, Hugh Marder soon learneed himself to be dying of an unknown disease. Looking to Dunhill Laboratories, a corporation in which Marder held stock in, Marder created clones spliced with cadavers. These clones, however, were short lived and decayed after a while. Eventually growing desperate, Marder used a Particle Accelerator at Dunhill to cure himself, though he soon after found himself afflicted with a new problem. All the radium he absorbed made him a ticking time bomb.

With time running out, Marder needed to create a new and better Particle Accelerator to cure himself. Selling Mecha-North Corp to Wayne Enterprises, Marder renamed the now-subsidiary into Hugh Marder Industries. Using Wayne Tower's resources, Marder created a new and better Accelerator. During this time, Marder also perfected the cloning process by making a new perfect one he dubbed Mr. Toxic. Giving Toxic a suit of armour, his clone had the ability to manipulate gaseous and nuclear powers. However, Toxic suffered from the disease that Marder was originally afflicted by.

Although Toxic tried his hand at becoming a crime boss in Gotham City, he and Marder soon discovered Oswald "the Penguin" Cobblepot to be conning them. Marder, although present during Toxic's schemings with Oswald, never himself met the Penguin and merely oversaw Toxic's activities.

Once the Particle Accelerator finished, Marder and Toxic used botched clones to distract the Batman. Hoping to use the Accelerator to cure both him and Toxic, Marder failed as he miscalculated his equations. His condition rapidly worsening, Marder donned a new suit of armour to survive, becoming Professor Radium. Marder was forced to use the Accelerator at Dunhill, despite it's flaws. However, Marder once again screwed up the process and with the intervention of Batman was he saved. Despite this, Marder managed to merge with Mr. Toxic and cure himself of his radiation issue. Following this, the Batman dragged Marder off to the penitentiary system for his trial.