The Question was a man of unknown origin, yet unrepeatable sin, who had no face. A member of the Trinity of Sin, the Question was sentenced to always question his own identity and become addicted to the influx of answering any question, easy or hard. Hence, over the years of his judgment, the Question grew to become a vigilante, serving justice to those who bothered him.

Biography Edit

Origins Edit

Due to his heinous crimes, the Question taken out of his period in time by the Circle of Eternity and judged alongside Judas Iscariot and Pandora. Vowing to rise again, the Question was made to forget his entire previous identity and was sentenced to always question his own identity. Over the years the Question yearning to answer questions served out vigilante justice to serial killers, leaving a calling card when he had captured the culprit. This went on and on for the Question until 2012, when he captured the Hub City killer. After gaining an interest in the Phantom Stranger, actually Judas Iscariot, the Question approached Dr. Thirteen and attacked the Stranger, hoping the mysterious man would die. The Question then told Thirteen to die as well.

Forever Evil Edit

When the Trinity War broke out, the Question was back to his normal meandering of questions, however, this time the question was greater. Tying the source of evil to Superman, the Question knew it could not be so and decided approach an incarcerated Man of Tomorrow at A.R.G.U.S. headquarters. Disguising himself as Steve Trevor, the Question broke Superman out, declaring him innocent for the murder of Arthur Light.

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