Kitty Faulkner was a supervillain better known as Rampage. Known for her distinct orange skin and firey red mohawk, what was even more notable about her was that she was hardly in control of her actions, with her anger betting the best of her. She debuted by breaking Ethan Boyer out of the Metropolis Armory Ward and using Madison Payne to distract Superman.

Biography Edit

Working for Lexcorp, Kitty Faulkner met Ethan Boyer at the Paris Genetics Conference. When the Earth 2 War happened, she kept on working for Lexcorp. After the war, she accidentally transformed herself into Rampage, slowly losing control. When even Lex Luthor was unable to help her, she went and broke Ethan Boyer out of prison. Demanding he change her back, she was betrayed and forced to lose control, acting as a distraction for Ethan.

Powers Edit

When she transformed into Rampage, Kitty became somewhat of a living solar collector. Her body grew to gigantic proportions and gave her an orange hue.

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