Red Hood One

The original Red Hood.

Liam Distal
was the first Supervillain who operated in Gotham City. He worked as the leader of the Red Hood Gang, known as Red Hood One.

Biography Edit

Following the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Liam Distal was inspired to embrace crime and death. Taking advantage of the chaos caused in Gotham by Carmine Falcone, Distal made a new viral infection gang called the Red Hood Gang where any citizen of the city could be a criminal. This brought him into conflict with an unknown vigilante, Bruce Wayne and the Batman. Shortly after the arrival of the Batman, Distal was killed and dumped in a body of lye.

Death Edit

The death of Distal put the Batman to much confusion, as a man posing as him fell into a vat of chemicals who became the Joker was clearly not Red Hood One. Distal could have been killed after switching with the Joker during a plane escape, or have been killed several weeks prior to the arrival of the Batman. Or the body found may not have even been Distal's and Distal became the Joker.

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