The Rise of the Vampires was a Vampire War that took place in Gotham City. The War started upon the arrival of Mary the Blood Queen. Her lover, Andrew Bennett would be confronted by the Batman, whose allies would quickly get involved in the war.

Timeline Edit

Arrival of Mary Edit

When Mary the Blood Queen would bring her Vampire Horde to Gotham City, she would attract the attention of the Caped Crusader. Her activities would very quickly drag along Andrew Bennett and his "apprentice" Tig, Bennett, Mary's former lover, would aim to stop her. Batman would work with Andrew to fight Mary's Horde, the ensuing battles would attract the attention of Madame Xanadu who would bring with her the Justice League Dark.

Rise of Mary Edit

Batman would bring with him the Batman Family, of which even the Birds of Prey would join the battle. However, Tig would turn on Andrew and decapitate him, believing Andrew's death to be the way to stop Mary, but it would only attribute to her winning the battle, but not the war.

Arrival of Cain Edit

Andrew's death would result in Cain, the sire of all Vampires in arising. Cain would take control of Mary's horde and begin to siphon magic from the world. Upon the arrival of the Justice League Dark, the Batman Family would inform them of the events causing them to send Deadman and Constantine to revive Andrew. The two would fail to do so, but the Crystal One, however, would revive Andrew.

Fall of Cain Edit

Using his new powers, Andrew would take control of Cain's Vampire Horde, embraces with Mary and stops her from using the horde once again. He would then make the world forget of that night, all except for the Justice League Dark and the Batman Family.