Saiko was a skilled assassin who operated in Gotham City, his arrival being precurser to the Night of the Owls.

Biography Edit

A childhood friend of Richard Grayson, Raymond was chosen to be the next Talon after Bruce Wayne took Richard in. Though his death was faked and he was skilled enough, he was deemed unworthy, scarred and left for dead by the Court of Owls. Finding his childhood friend, Raya Vestri, Raymond often shadowed Haley's Circus and fell in love with her.

His hatred grew for Richard, however, and Raymond continued to hone his skills as an assassin, blaming his failures on Grayson. Taking the Japanese assassin name Saiko, Raymond and Raya began to plot against Richard. Initially stopped by Nightwing, Saiko managed to discover the agent of Batman Incorporated to be Richard. Facing off against Richard in a battle during Haley's Circuses return to Gotham City, Saiko fell into the flames and refused to let Nightwing save him, dying out of his own arrogance.

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