Sam Lane


Military General






Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Susie Tompkins

General Sam Lane was a senator working for the United States of America.

Biography Edit

Sam Lane was in a marriage that produced Lois and Lucy Lane. Sam also had a daughter from another marriage, this daughter later got married and gave birth to Sam's grandchild, Susie.

Due to his position with Superman and John Corben in the Terminaut Invasion, Sam ascended even further through the US power ranks. Being given his own private base and control over the Machine, Sam accumulated all the weapons he believed could be useful against Superman. During this time Sam also learned that he was now in charge of a being he called the "real" Superman, a powerful being who had worked for the US for over 75 years. Sam also tried different ways to take down Superman, including creating the Kryptonite Man. Leading the Machine, Sam tried to attack the Fortress of Solitude but was defeated by the Man of Steel.

Sam later began to investigate the Tower and became promoted to the position of Senator. After Superman was infected by the Doomsday Virus, Sam tried to use Corben and the Atomic Skull to expell him from Earth. After Superman transformed into Superdoom, he left the Earth, giving Lane a success.

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