Scorn 0


Clyde Anderson, Gotham City


2013, Gotham City

Scorn was the title the partner of the Wrath went by. The title was meant to represent an antithesis to the sidekick Robin, much as the Wrath was an "Anti-Batman". The first person to hold the title of Scorn was an adult ex-con who failed miserably in his first night out, when he hunted cops. Hence, the Wrath quickly killed this sidekick and decided to find another one.

Biography Edit

Clyde Anderson was a convict who was running through the streets of Gotham doing burgalry, less organized due to the Zero Year. After being caught by the Batman and sent to jail, Clyde began to resent the GCPD blaming them and not the Dark Knight for the position he was in. This attracted the attention of the Wrath, who shared Clyde's hatred for the police force. Clyde, after release, took up the title of Scorn, becoming Wrath's partner. Failing to avoid the Batman on his first night out as Scorn, Anderson was quickly killed by the Wrath.

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