The Second Skirmish at New York City was a battle that occured during the Eye War.

Background Edit

During the Skirmish at New York City, a robotic chimera sent out by Brother Eye slaughtered a hospital full of innocent humans. Leaving Neo Gotham, the Resistance decided to enact vengeance and mourn the dead.

Battle Edit

The Resistance quickly made it to the mound that housed the dead humans, they also very quickly encountered the chimera, resulting in a quick battle. They were quickly located by a returning Batman, who joined in on the fight just as the chimera began to take advantage. None of the Resistance were converted into Bugs, the one soldier who was close was executed immediately. Brother Eye declared Batman's destruction to be a larger priority than fighting the Resistance and had the chimera focus on the Dark Knight of Tomorrow instead. Positioning the chimera just right, Batman managed to blow it up, winning the battle.

Aftermath Edit

Confronted by the Resistance, Batman revealed himself to be Tim Drake, not Terry McGinnis, but declined to reveal himself as being from the past. Approached by Matt McGinnis, Tim vowed to avenge Terry by raiding Brother Eye's prisoner of war camps.

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