Skyland was the domain of the Gods that existed outside of the Orrery of Worlds and in between New Genisis and Nightmare. It was home to the Shining Ones, the Old Gods of Thunder and Lightning, Love and War and Death. In Skyland lay multiple afterlives, including, but not limited to: Asgard, Olympus and the Throne of Zeus. Olympus was and the Throne of Zeus were unique occasions as in Skyland they had their own counterparts. Whilst Olympus and the Throne of Zeus housed Greek Gods, the counterpart afterlives (also named Olympus and the Throne of Jupiter) housed the Roman Gods. It was just, though, as even though both pantheons had worshippers across the Multiverse, they each interacted with select worlds as the Greeks chose Earth 0 and the Romans chose Earth 2. In some instances, like that of Hercules, the Roman-titled God chose to live in the Greek domain and reside on Earth 0. The pantheons of the Celts, Mayans, Hindus, the Divine Beauracracies of China, the Gods of Oceana, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Loa and Elohim all resided here as well. Each domain had it's own peak atop Skyland.

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