The Spectre was a supernatural being of nearly unlimited power, with it always delivering vengeance on those who had sinned greatly. The Spectre was able to bind itself to humans only if they were deceased.

Biography Edit

Upon sacrificing himself to stop a Sun Eater, Hal Jordan became bound to the Spectre. However, to save
Spectre (New 52) 004
the world from Parallax, the Spectre was forced to resurrect Hal and find a new host. Though it took a few years, the Phantom Stranger was able to find the proper host for the Spectre, Jim Corrigan. With Corrigan, the Spectre confronted John Constantine, barely sparing him. The Spectre then used Corrigan to meet with Bruce Wayne as both Wayne and as the Batman.

Hosts Edit

  • Hal Jordan - Was ressurected by the Spectre to stop Parallax.
  • Jim Corrigan - Was chosen by the Phantom Stranger to be the Spectre's next host.

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