A high ranking member of the Splicers.

The Splicers were a group active in the ruins of Metropolis who had combined their human DNA with animal DNA. Led by Abel Cuvier, the original group of Splicers were active in Neo Gotham, but were defeated by the Batman.

During the Eye War, Cuvier relcoated to Metropolis where he recreated the Splicers - which hid them from Brother Eye. The Splicers became the rulers of Metropolis and were sent by Cuvier to collect Matt McGinnis, only to come face to face wtih Batman. Although the Splicers won the initial fight, their rematch was stopped by Prince Tuftan.

After Superman stopped Dr. Cuvier, the Splicers stopped following him. Instead, they joined up with Tuftan and began to follow the others who were like them: more animal than man.

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