'Lawrence' Lo, was criminal known as the Squid, also known as Mr. Squid, was an upcoming gangster in Gotham City. He noted for feeding his enemies to squids.

Biography Edit

Operating a gang in Gotham City, Mr. Squid mainly prioritized in drug deals and was therefore small time. As theatrics went, Mr. Squid eventually began feeding his enemies to giant squids as a way to make a name for himself. He later introduced his younger brother Jonny to the business. Initially, Squid had Jonny start out by following Julian Day. Later incorrectly believing Julian to have betrayed him and stolen his Icarus supply, Squid hired the Bastards of Blackgate to kidnap Aden Day. The Batman, however, stopped the bastards. Squid's relations with the gang, the Kings of the Sun, eventually went rogue because of Jonny, resulting in a gang war with them. In an attack on Squid's home base by Holter, the Squid was shot and murdered.

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