The 'Twenty' were a group of twenty Metahumans who were infected by a psionic virus by the Collector of Worlds. The virus made the Twenty psionically powerfull, giving them the powers of omniscience.

Powers Edit

The Twenty were able to be omnipresent and view several occurances at once without anybody noticing their presence. In addition to being able to read a person's mind, the Twenty could also mess with them and take complete control of them. Telekinesis was also available to the Twenty and they could easily move and manipulate objects with nothing more than their mind. As one of the Twenty continued to use their powers, they were able to do more tricks, such as become intangible or make several copies of oneself.

The Twenty Edit

  • H.I.V.E. Queen - The most powerful of all the Twenty. She was able to use most of the powers given to her to their max efficiency. She led the organization known as H.I.V.E. and planned on eradicating free will in order to turn the human population over to Brainiac.
  • Psycho Pirate - One of the Twenty who had lesser powers, however, he was able to give them a boost when using Medusa's Mask. This allowed him to amplify his powers to nearly the level of the H.I.V.E. Queen.
  • Amelia Darling - One of the Twenty who had lesser powers.
  • Sung Lee - One of the Twenty who had lesser powers.
  • Senator Hume - One of the Twenty who had lesser powers.

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