Thomas Morrow was a scientist working for S.T.A.R. Labs and A.R.G.U.S. where he was the Project Manager for the Red Room.

Biography Edit

As a young boy, Thomas Morrow marvelled at science fiction, citing H.G. Wells to be his inspiration. Dr. Thomas Morrow mastered in Emerging Technologies, Strategic Foresight and Future Studies from Harvad University. Originally Morrow tried to master time travel, but after going faster than the speed of light nearly took his and Will Magnus' lives, Thomas abandoned the effort. After recovering, Silas Stone recruited Morrow to work on the Red Room, which Morrow readily accepted.

During Morrow's tenure as Project Manager, criticism was launched at him for the lack of transparency on his projects and him being under F.B.I. investigation. Additionally his attitude was seen as sarcastic and demeaning. During the Parademon Invasion of Earth, Morrow helped graft promethium on Victor Stone to make him the Cyborg.

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