Thomas Wayne was the loving and caring father of Bruce Wayne and husband of Martha Wayne. A brilliant surgeon and philantrophist, Thomas gained a reputation for being one of the kindest in a growing corrupt Gotham.

In the years nearing his death and many years following his death, rumours, sprouted by Simon Hurt, would begin alleging Thomas to have lived a double life.

Biography Edit

Inheriting Wayne Manor from his father, Thomas went on to study in the medical field, only using the money of Wayne Enterprises for charitable causes. One of the world's greatest surgeons, Thomas met and wed Martha Kane, together the two had a child, Bruce. However, Martha's in-laws greatly disapproved of their daughter marrying Thomas and severed ties with the Wayne Family. Thomas' second child Thomas Wayne Jr. was born prematurely due to a car crash and died soon after. After going to the theatres with Martha and Bruce, one day, Thomas was met by Joe Chill in Crime Alley. Thomas was be gunned down in cold blood by Chill along with Martha in front of Bruce.

Double Life Edit

Sometime around Thomas' death, rumours would begin to spring up that Thomas and Martha were addicted to narcotics, would attend chain-smoking orgies and were members of criminal societies. After false pieces of evidence began to show up, many started to assume that the philantrophist figure of Thomas was just a cover for his true self. The rumours would eventually fade, only to be brought up years later in 2008, but they too would eventually fade.

Legacy Edit

Although slightly tainted due to rumours, Thomas maintained a large legacy. Many charitable funds would be sprung up by Wayne Enterprises in honour of his work, though some strings of his charity, notably that of Willowood, would dry out. The impact Thomas had on the philantrophy of Wayne Enterprises has had a lasting effect on the company.

The most notable influence Thomas would have would be on his son Bruce. Inspired by his father's efforts to fight evil, and enraged by his father's death, Bruce would end up becoming a masked vigilante. Donning the costume of Batman, Bruce would end up trying to avenge his father's death by waging a war on evil.

Earth 2 Edit

On Earth 2, Thomas Wayne was quite different, becoming involved with criminals and drugs. When trying to quit, the lives of Thomas' wife and child were threatened. Faking his death to save Bruce, Thomas always watched his son from afar. Using the drug Miraclo to enact revenge, Thomas was shocked to discover that his "death" had driven Bruce to become the Batman. When he was finally revealed to his son, Thomas was rejected and forced to watch
Thomas Wayne
from afar as his son died in vigilantism. Realizing that he could honor his son's memory, Thomas retook Miraclo and took up the mantle of the Bat.