The Government of the United States of America had several agencies related to it's affairs. Following the appearance of Superman, ARGUS was created as an umbrella organization through which all other agencies and such would have to pass through for regulations. Many of these organizations had their own paramilitary forces or agents through which battle could be conducted.

Agencies Edit

  • ARGUS - The main organization. It kept a profile on all different superhuman activities, be it scientific or magical. It had several containment rooms for these as well. The creation of ARGUS was messy, due to it's relation to the Justice League and how it's broad approach messed with other agencies.
  • FBI - An organization designed to find the truth behind international and some foreign acts of terror.
  • CIA - An organization designed to collect information on counterintelligence activities above the nation.
  • DEO - An organization designed to collect information on extranormal measures of science and vigilantes.
  • Machine - An organization designed to design weapons to take down Superman if the time ever came.
  • SHADE - An organization designed to investigate paranormal activities.

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